Q I’m interested in running an auction what do I do next?

A Contact our office and one of our expert valuation team will make an appointment to come and view your assets or conduct a desktop appraisal and talk you in detail through the best route to market.


Q What are my assets worth?

A Once a thorough appraisal has been conducted we will be able to provide you with an accurate worst case and best case valuation, depending on the condition, circumstances and the timescales.


Q How will my auction get listed?

A Depending on the nature of the assets we can do one of three things, our experienced lotting agents can come to site and prepare the entire sale from start to finish, an agent can come to site and work in conjunction with you to put the sale together or relevant templates can be supplied for you to lot your own sale.


Q If I only have a few items to sell can you help?

A On a regular basis we run auctions which are a combination of several vendors’ items grouped together in relevant industry sectors, the combining helps both marketing and audience subscription.


Q What will I be charged for selling my assets?

A A consignment fee ranging from 0% to 15% will deducted from the final hammer price depending on the value of the asset in question. You can also click on the Selling your assets tab which will clearly show the steps involved from the starting point to payment of invoice.


Q How do I know the buyer has paid for my assets?

A Buyers must pay by electronic transfer or online secure payment. Payments received are reconciled hourly, once received electronic confirmation is sent to buyer, vendor and any other party to the transaction.


Q How do I get paid for my goods?

A Payments are reconciled daily and vendors are paid within within 14 days of the final reconciliation. The payment can be made via bank transfer or cheque.


Q What happens if some of my assets don’t meet the reserve price?

A Often many will achieve far more than the reserve set so vendors decide to subsidise the poorer performing lots. Alternatively sometimes lots are re listed in another sale in the hope next time the audience is different.


Q I’m not VAT registered will you have to charge VAT on my lots?

A We have the ability to elect NOT to charge VAT if a vendor is not VAT registered.


Q Do I need to pay VAT on goods that leave the country?

A If you are exporting we will require the following: 1) Proof of payment from overseas; 2) Proof of Export; 3) An Overseas Address. When we have received this we will re-fund the VAT back to you bank account.


Q I need to sell my assets quickly

A A Michael James Representative can be on site within 24 hours to agree a purchase price of goods and payment will be made the same day by bank transfer.


Q Can I ask something else?

A Please feel free, the entire team is on hand to help at all times. Simply contact our team